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Annie on Breaking Through

Although I am still kind of a newbie to running, I greatly appreciate having it in my life.  It’s something that I always wanted but could never attain.  I had this preconception that running is merely a solitary sport, yet

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The Power of One: Celebrating Women and Girls Globally and Locally

Through our race and website, we highlight charities that support the importance of women’s and girl’s health and education and its impact for change in the world. Your support will be used to fund worthy organizations.

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Race Details

All Ladies, Girls, and Guys in Purple! This inclusive event is a celebration of female camaraderie — all ages and most abilities are welcome. Some of us will run for the joy of competition. Some of us enjoy the fellowship of exercising together. Some

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Register Your Mom

For a heartwarming and heart-pounding Mother’s Day present… purchase a race registration for the woman in your life!  Our custom-designed Mother’s day card speaks of the gift of good health, the joy of camaraderie with other women, and the blessings

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