Record Results: Running The Longest Poker Game

Running: a simple and natural physical activity that anyone can practice. Running means to improve the cardiac system and the neurological system. Running is also one of the most exciting and relaxing activities you can think to do.

In fact, while running your body releases stress and your mind come back to be lighter and thoughts-free. Running is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy some fresh air and some natural background, since amateurs of running activities often run in parks or in mountain or so.

Las Vegas Longest Poker Game

In the book of records the concept of “running” is associated to the most exciting and longest poker game ever run in this world.

The poker player Phil Laak, 37, at the end of the Vegas longest poker game set his personal and world’s record playing live poker for over 115 hours! Phil Laak won $6766 playing at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas after running a really thrilling and endless poker game.

One of the most attractive feature of all poker games is that players know when they start to play but they ignore the time they will complete the poker game! This makes everything more exciting, since it’s all to be played: time, cards, points and reward.

Playing Online Poker Tournaments

As a matter of fact, today the most skilled pros poker players learn to to play this charming card game online. In fact, the web offers so many tools and learning materials, such as Youtube videos, tutorials, lessons and articles where you can easily find a ton information about rules of the different poker games, strategies and tricks to play better and to increase the odds of winning a reward.

The online resources are a really cool idea for all beginners who need to learn basic poker, but also for all poker experts who want to learn a new poker variants.

On poker passionate players can find a really complete and interesting range of poker games of all times. From the classic poker games in the Vegas of the 1960s and 1970s such as Card Stud poker variants up to the newest variants and modern poker games such as 6+ Omaha and other new Card Stud versions or Razz poker.

Ladbrokes From Bookmaking To Poker

The recent change the Ladbrokes company decided to make in its marketing strategy allows millions poker passionate players to access the Ladbrokes Casino and enjoy a top safest casino experience.

From being a worldwide and powerful sport bookmaker offering the top most important and excellent services for all sport betting, today Ladbrokes decided to move to the casino market, creating its own online casino and offering players of casino games a rich and complete range of games, exactly like the range of poker games.

Advantages And Bonuses

As all respectable online casinos, the Ladbrokes Casino offers a rich series of promotions and bonuses to all its casino members. The Welcome Bonus offer is only the first gift the Ladbrokes Casino wants to offer you for choosing it among so many online casinos.

The Welcome Bonus consists in a diversified offer on the basis of the players’ home country – so, you’d better check the conditions of this 1st bonus for your home country on Ladbrokes Casino Com.

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