Moumita Saha Bio

Moumita Saha

Moumita Saha

Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Public Health Studies (Intended)

Moumita Saha, a first-year undergraduate at AUW, is inspired by a dream that has been instilled in her through the support of her parents. “My mother works so hard that she inspires me,” Moumita says. “[My parents’ dream] is my dream also.” Her parents have worked hard to ensure that she has the opportunities they didn’t have. Their dedication and support have encouraged Moumita to envision following in her mother’s footsteps and working for the government in Bangladesh to serve her country.

Specifically, Moumita would like to serve her community by pursuing a degree in public health. Moumita had once dreamed of becoming a doctor, but when she did not get the opportunity to study medicine at a public university, she began to see a new way of supporting the health needs of her fellow citizens. After AUW, she hopes to pursue graduate studies in public health as well. In addition to government service, Moumita envisions herself working for public health-related NGOs, such as Save the Children or the World Health Organization.

It is Moumita’s ability to plan for the future that motivates her to work hard in her studies. Her favorite course so far has been Language and Composition, where she has discovered a love for writing. Moumita realizes that her dreams will not come true without hard work, so she is making sure to get all that she can from her academic experiences. She is also enjoying her new-found independence and the extracurricular opportunities that abound at AUW. “Here,” she says, “there are so many opportunities, and I feel that I can manage my time.” She has joined the Photography Club, Table Tennis, Dance Club, Debate Club and Speak Up! Against Violence Against Women Club. Moumita’s first year at AUW has allowed her to continue pursuing both her and her parents dream.

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