Give few Minutes, LIVE an Entire Day!

How long has it been since I started playing sports and working out? Well, it has not even been half a decade that I actually started playing sports. Coming to Asian University for Women (AUW) almost four years back I discovered my love for sports. Thanks to my basketball and table-tennis coaches back then! No doubt, the mandatory Karate classes twice a week in my first year at AUW were so much of stress to me when I had to rush to the gym hall between classes. However, I enjoyed playing table-tennis and basketball in the evenings and on weekends. I found out then that these are few of recreational activities that make me feel lively and help me recharge my batteries.

Now I play table tennis at least thrice a week except during my mid-term and final weeks. Plus, I play basketball for the Varsity team of AUW. The feeling I get post-practice is just phenomenal. I feel very happy that I got something important crossed off from my list. After every practice I leave the court feeling happier and more relaxed. Endorphins, indeed, are magical! So, feeling down? Feeling disheartened? Don your sneakers and go hit the gym or go play your favorite sports! I guarantee you will return in a better mood than you went in.

Being in shape is important for players, which is why we have weekly intense conditioning sessions for the Varsity team. I join most of the sessions. We crack out squats, lunges, sprints, suicides, jumping jacks, and the hardest – pushups. Believe it or not, these sessions give me not just strength, stability, and good health but also better cognitive ability. No doubt! Exercise tones one’s body. More importantly, as a student I have experienced that working out helps me to stay focused and super alert post-exercise. I become a quick study; I finish studying in half an hour, which would have taken me more than an hour pre-exercise. That is the principal reason I love exercising. So, my most fruitful antidote to feeling scatterbrained, these days, has been hitting the gym. Sweat sessions work best especially when I’ve got an exam or a quiz to take or a big presentation to give in class because a good workout increases the flow of blood and oxygen to our brain, hence the better cognitivity. So, if your brain starts becoming foggy, go hit the gym. Trust me you will get a better reap!

Kalpana Maharjan

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