Frank Greene – Chief Routing Officer

Frank GreeneFrank is the Cool Runners’ Chief Routing Officer, based on his ability to get lost and always find his way home.  As an architect, his business travels take him to many new places, and he explores them the best way-at a jogging pace.  He comes from a running family, with Goddess wife Sally and daughter Charlotte committed runners, and daughter Juliette responsible for coining the first rule of running “no whining and complaining”.

Frank has somehow completed 5 marathons and over 20 half marathons, in times that he will not share publicly.  He has a simple running strategy-to finish strong.  His “pimp dip” stride is familiar to all around the roads near Katonah, and is especially motivating to anyone behind him in a race, to pass the old guy with the limp.

He is in the upcoming NYC Marathon, with a top secret goal time, and considering being a charity racer for the Boston Marathon since the Qualifying Time is an ever receding mirage.

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