Trisha Rozas – Scholarship Director

Trisha Rozas

I’ve always been a runner although it wasn’t until after my kids were born that I hit the longer distances. I used to be a sprinter, hurdler, relay racer and long jumper. Since my late 30’s I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate the camaraderie that comes from long distance running. Through running I have made and continue to make lasting friendships. The post running highs are also a great way to get through the day. I’ve completed two marathons and I’m planning to run the NYC marathon this November 2013.

When I’m not running, I work full-time for a growing insurance company and do my best trying to raise our two teenage children, ages 14 and 16. I am an executive mentor at Columbia University, paired each session with a student enrolled in the Executive M.S. in Technology Management program. I have been involved with Urban Dove as a donor and now as a member of the Board of Directors for over two years, and I am incredibly proud of the work we do. Urban Dove is a non-profit in New York that improves the lives of hundreds of at-risk youth each year.

And now I’m incredibly proud to be a part of The Running Goddess. I hope the spirit of this event inspires people all over the world to run, to support runners, and to be fearless like 19-year-old Mehbooba Ahdyar, the Afghan Olympic runner, and Ruchira Gupta, the founding member of Apne Aap.

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