cool runnersEvery step we take in life is a unique beginning, a new challenge.  It is exciting yet stressful, so because of the anxiety many people do not show up.  But, if you set the goal, when you toe the line in a race, or anything in life, it is so exhilarating.  You are alone but not.  You get going, set a pace, along the way you have doubts, but then amazingly you get a second burst of energy and realize you will make it to the finish line or accomplish the personal challenge you set out to conquer.  What a great feeling when you know you are going to do it!  There are high fives, you celebrate, and you know what?  Move on to your next challenge!  Get up tomorrow and enjoy the new day!

The CoolRunners are a diverse group of New Yorkers who are athletically active and want to get outside, enjoy fresh air, socialize, compete.  Together we started entering local road races back in 2002, … 5ks became 10ks, many marathons, any time of year, from The Big Apple to New England, many successes, t-shirts, some medals, new friends and achievements continue.  No pressure – each event optional and doable!  The Running Goddess is new and exciting.  Why not start here?

TIME is precious.  Enjoying, measuring, and sharing are vital.  Running allows you to use time to its fullest: you can have a slow time, fast time, good time alone or with others.  Consider what these running events mean and the possible ways one may participate: run, volunteer, sponsor, support local charities.

CoolRunners parallels life: everyone wins in one form or another.  You can do so much for yourself and so many!  Catch the spirit; it is contagious!

~ Mike Berardino, Katonah resident, sponsor and organizer of the Katonah 5K Road & Trail Race, and local State Farm agent

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