Bettina Sementilli – Founder and Race Director

Bettina Sementilli NY Marathon

2010 Brightroom Photography

The Running Goddess LLC was formed as the philanthropic arm of my store, Cross Sport Woman; as a way to highlight the importance of lesser-known women’s causes that are not supported through current races. Continuing with the store’s motivational environment of promoting a healthy lifestyle for women, it was natural to create a race that would raise awareness of the importance of women’s health and education and the charities that support them locally and abroad. With the help of Annie, Frank, Mike, Jim, Trisha, Lee and like-minded friends, we created a race and website that highlights the plight of a vast majority of women in the world who are still not allowed the freedom to run and learn. We hope through our race and website, we and our race participants can be a part of that change.

An avid marathoner, pilates advocate and mom, Bettina has participated in four NYC marathons, countless half-marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks. As a former Design Director for Polo Ralph Lauren and teacher, she enjoyed bringing her knowledge and love for her passion to others. Whether it’s a child first learning how to draw or an adult taking their first steps toward a healthier life, her motivation is to inspire others to enjoy life to the best of their abilities.

When she’s not out running, running the store or managing The Running Goddess, Bettina can be found gardening, painting and cooking.

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