The Power of One: Celebrating Women and Girls Globally and Locally

Through our race and website, we highlight charities that support the importance of women’s and girl’s health and education and its impact for change in the world. Your support will be used to fund the following worthy organizations.
  • Katonah Education and Exchange Program (KEEP) in partnership with Kakenya’s Center for Excellence.  KEEP is sponsoring 37 girls in the fifth grade at this wonderful primary school in Kenya.
  • Support Connection of Yorktown Heights provides health and wellness programs for women and their families affected by breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Asian University for Women – Based in Bangladesh, and funded by donations from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ikea, and others, this amazing university provides a path to leadership development, economic progress and social and political equality for gifted young women from developing countries (like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal and Syria).
  • The Running Goddess Scholarship Fund provides $1000 scholarships for two girls, one local and one from the Asian University for Women, with interests in the college sciences.
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